Friday, May 30, 2014


Images by: IDICT

Anabela Marques create recycled jewellery with a modern and creative design. Her brand is called IDICT and she makes that beautiful pieces with old plastic (like bottles) and with art magazine paper. 

This pieces are handmade, unique, sustainable and artistic! You can find necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings. Even the wrapping of the pieces is unique and recicled. 

You you care about the environment and you love colours you have to visit the stores that sells this brand. You could find stores at Oporto, Lisbon, Lyon, Genebra and others. 

Canning Tin La Gondola / Lata de onservas La Gondola/ Conservas em Lata La Gondola

Images by: La Gandola

From Matosinhos, this canning tin offers you sardines in organic olive oil.  La Gandola is one of the oldest factories of canning tins at Portugal. They produce their products with a traditional way. 

This Portuguese company exports to all over the world! They export to Japan, for example. At Portugal you can buy this products at grocery or at gourmet stores. 

La Gadola was founded in the thirties at continues to sell. This canning tins with sardines costs approximately 1,60 euros. You have to taste this Portuguese quality products! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fiu - Jardins Suspensos / Fiu - Jardines Colgantes/ Fiu - hanging gardens

Images by: Fiu

Fiu was created by a Portuguese architect called Ana Miguel, who wanted to have a different decoration at her home. She searched a about hanging plants and found an old technique called "kokedama". 

You can put this plant almost anywhere and you do not need a vase, only strings ("fio"). This plants are based in the bonsai technique and are organic, because you do not need a vase because the roots are covered with moss.

If you have a small space and you want some natural decoration this must be your choice, because you can hang or land them and they do not need not be watered frequently.

There are two outlets in Oporto(streets) : Rua do Rosario and Rua de Santos Pousada. 

A outra face da Lua

A outra face da Lua is a store at Lisbon downtown, that sells clothes and shoes. You can search for vintage style or second hand clothes. At the store you can also taste a tea, a coffee, a orange juice or a snack (salads, cakes, wraps and others) on the terrace.

But one of the reasons this store is interesting is because they sell recycled clothes! They make a new piece of cloth with tissues or accessories from old ones. You can find colorful and original pieces, with many colours and prints (like flowers and others). 

You can choose between coats, skirts, scarves, blouses and others! Visit this store and do not throw away your old clothes! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nozes de Saponária

images by: Centro Vegetariano

The soapy nuts ( Sapindus mukorossis ) are the fruit of a tree with the same name , grown primarily in India and Nepal . The bark of walnuts contains a substance called " saponin " , whose action is similar to soap . These nuts are an effective alternative to detergents , soaps and soaps .
The nuts also have the added advantage of being one antialergénico product being effective for washing babies , people with sensitive skin or allergies or dermatitis , unlike common detergents which sometimes irritate the skin edge.The use of soapy nuts it is more economical than the use of conventional detergents.
The nuts are also eco soapy water , since water does not pollute the environment and do not prevent waste of numerous packages. This alternative detergent is still 100 % biodegradable , since when the nuts are dry and dark ( signal that all the saponin has been removed ) can use them as fertilizer for plants or joining them to the compound .